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I have friends who have visited me who are amazed when they come to our house. I live about 10 miles from the Las Vegas Strip in what might be mistakenly called a suburb. Technically, this is a privately owned town called Summerlin, but in many ways we are considered part of Las Vegas. And despite the fact that everyone who has never been here thinks that we all live, figuratively and literally, in casinos, the reality is that most of the people here know nothing about casinos or casino games.

This past week, I met an acquaintance who asked me if it was true that Three Card Poker had the best odds in the casino and that Casino Wars had the worst. He’s not even close on the second account visit dewapoker.

Now, this is assuming that when he says ‘opportunity’ he means reward. Because having the “best chance” can mean anything. Best chance of winning one hand? Best chance of winning overnight? The only game this guy has ever played is table poker, which isn’t a bad choice. Mainly, considering he knew quite a bit about the rest of the casino.

I covered a few weeks ago the main reasons for this (play too timid 4x), but if you’re willing to learn strategy and stick to it, no table game in a casino can match the returns that can be found ready.

Finally, in the upper echelons is Blackjack. Few prefer video poker in terms of variety, being most careful because they choose the right table. Find yourself playing at one that pays 6 to 5 for Blackjack or that limits your ability to split or double and you will no longer be at 99.5 percent.