Transitioning to a Double Bonus Can Be Rich Playing Video Poker

Transitioning to a Double Bonus Can Be Rich Playing Video Poker – I have to admit that Jacks or Better can be a bit of a slow game. Of all the types of video poker it has the lowest volatility, which means the ups and downs of your bankroll will be kept to a minimum.

After you’ve played for a while, you might want to tweak it a little. The good news is video poker offers a lot of possibilities in this regard. The bad news is that each version of video poker has its own strategy. The good news is that the changes aren’t huge, so there’s not much new to learn. The bad news is that if you use the wrong strategy or confuse it, you can pay a small return on your investment (see last week’s column for ideas on how much it will cost you).

If you are looking for some other games to play, this would be a great guide. But, remember to learn the right strategy. The first variation is the Poker Bonus visit god of poker88.

The changes here are rather straight forward. Full House and Flushes pay 8/5 instead of 9/6. To compensate for this, the payout on Four of a Kinds was increased. The payout for Quad 2 to 4 goes to 40 and the payout for Aces goes to 80. The payout is 99.2% competing against jacks or better, but definitely a notch below.

Next up is the Double Bonus. Honestly, if you can find this, this is the best choice. The return is 100.1%. You read that right. This is not a big player advantage, but in the long run you will win and not lose. The Paytable takes some getting used to as this is the first game to pay one for Two Pairs. This means that a large number of your “win” hands are just a push.

To compensate for this, the payouts for Quads are all doubled from the Poker88 Online Bonus, even for 5 to K.The rest of the debt is 10/7/5/3/1/1. If you don’t learn the right strategy, you won’t be able to take advantage of the full 100.1% return.

Next in development is the Double Double Bonus. This is definitely a supercharged version of video poker, introducing the kickers concept to Quads. This is where the Quad payout is increased if the 5th card is Ace through 4. This does not apply to Quad 5 to K which pays a flat of 50. Quad 2’s to 4’s pays 80, unless the 5th card is Ace through 4, in which case it pays 160.

Quad Aces pays 160 unless it has a 2-4 kicker, which bumps it up to 400. The rest of the paytable will look somewhat familiar. It’s 9/6/4/3/1/1. Again, Two Pairs pay only one, which is the only way to really offset the extra Quad pay. The payoff for this game is 98.8%, which means the house advantage is more than double that of Jacks or Better. So you’ll be giving a fair amount in exchange for unleashing the Quad Aces mini-jackpot with the kicker.

This isn’t the only option you have, but it is the most common variation if you want to add a little zing to your playing. In each case, you need to spend some time studying a subtle variety of strategies. You will notice a big difference between Double Double and Jacks or Better as the payout power of those Quads influence your decision.