Tips and Tricks for Playing on Indonesian Domino Sites Lapak303

Let’s assume that you entered your Tour’em Hold’em well, and roughly half of the players in the Tournament were done. You did well in the early halves, but overall, your chip stack hasn’t grown much of late. You are in Seat 9 at a table with only 7 players left. You have been awarded a pair of fours, and the player in front of you (Seats 7 and 8) is equally referred to as the 500-chip big blind. With this scenario, should you fold, cancel the bet, or raise the bet?

Remember that a pair of pocket fours has a win rate of around 8.3%, and is ranked as the 61st strongest lapak303 pocket hand, out of 169 possible pocket hands in Hold’em. Additionally, a pair of crawling cards is an eleventh-ranked two-card hand. This statistical probability will tell you right away,

that you are playing with a weak hand. Realistically speaking, the only way this hand can materialize into anything worthwhile, is if you catch the fourth four on the flop, the odds are clearly against you at this point. Also, the folding blinds are quite high at the moment, so it would be very expensive for you to try and catch up with the third four. Hence, this type of hand had the flop written all over it.

Of course, the blinds are getting bigger and bigger, to the point that if you don’t help, the costs are quite painful. However, a pair crawling in this position is not worth playing. Always resist the temptation to play low pairs with this many opponents, while in this position. Besides, if you are

deciding to cancel the bet, the players who followed you in the bet can decide to raise the bet, or even enter all of them, after your call. If that happens, then you will be faced with another decision to call the raised bet. At this point, fold your hands, keep your capital, and wait for better hands.