The ideal playing strategy, We call it Hold’em Alert

The ideal playing strategy We call it a Hold’em Warning – The ideal playing strategy is to play tight before the flop. The only way for such a tight player to come out to the front is to change the tables frequently, before everyone at the table knows how he is playing – I see. strict. (And, some do move.)

The opponent can also exploit Mr. Tight: Since he sees failure with only strong cards, weak weakness tends to connect with his hands. As a result, a smart opponent could easily steal the pot on a bluff bet or raise it above the flop (depending on who else is in hand).

On the other hand, tight players who are also aggressive and / or deceptive, can win multiple pots along the way. Preflop, he usually plays tight to ensure a good start; but at times, he can also play some marginal hands – especially if he’s late in a multi-directional pot without a raise. We call this a Hold’em Alert visit poker88 Asia.

After the flop, if he goes out a lot, he becomes aggressive, bet or raise – although he still has to raise his hand further to get the best hand. For example, playing tight he called to see the flop with an Ace-Jack match. Two opponents also live to see the flop: 8-5-2 including two cards from the suit. It has four flushes.

Being aggressive, if no one had bet before him, he made the opening bet. Or, if one opponent opens the bet, our aggressive and aggressive players dare to raise. This really is a semi-bluff! Everyone folds, and he takes the pot. Do that often enough, and he can come home victorious.

Bottom line: Don’t be too strict. The ideal playing strategy is to play tight before the flop, and then be aggressive afterwards. And vary your styles unpredictably. It will throw your opponents out of balance. Also, be prepared to bluff – especially semi-bluff – when the situation seems right, always use the Esther Bluff tactic to increase your chances of success.