Mistakes can occur be sure to focus the dealer carefully

This incident reminded me of several years ago. In turn, I have caught the top two pairs, and will make a bet. Taking the chip, just as I was about to put it in the pot, the opponent to my left quickly shouted, “check,” followed by the next player, “check.” I raised my voice, shouting loudly at the dealer, “Hey, I bet!”

The merchant looked at me with a grin, “too late, there are two checks after you.” Calling the floorman, he quickly confirmed the dealer’s decision. Can you guess what happened next? On the river one of the two players who quickly checked before I finished my bet, caught a small set, and beat two of my partners. It must be clear that I will make a bet. And, I still believe the dealer has a responsibility to postpone the game until I act. (Now I make points in such situations to announce “Bet” or “Time” when I collect my chips to bet.)

After that, I made it a point to avoid playing at a table where a certain dealer is in control. A few sessions later, I think I saw the same dealer steal a chip from the pot. I may be wrong, but it was the last time I played at that casino – even after that dealer no longer worked there.

Recently, reading Card Player magazine, there was a column by Gavin Griffin, which described the rather rare games in which he played. Apparently, some of the dealers were inexperienced in the match and made mistakes, but were easily accepted being corrected by the players.

“My table isn’t that great,” Griffin commented, but “no one lost their temper or got angry.” Then, another dealer comes to the table, who is “struggling from the start.” Besides, unlike the previous dealer, “he didn’t do well with corrections. He was afraid of being wrong… He was terrible. “

I wonder how often such a thing happens at the poker table. Ultimately, the casino is responsible for being more careful about hiring, training and supervising its dealers. And fortunately to avoid dealers who might be deemed “bad.”