Mike McDonald High Stakes poker player Wins $ 250K on the Prop Throw Bet

During the prop betting frenzy in early April where poker players bet on how many chicken nuggets they could eat in an hour, high stakes basketball betting was born.

High stakes poker pro Mike McDonald, who has career tournament revenue of $ 13.3 million, posted a video on Twitter recording free throws to kill time while there was no poker to play, no sport to bet on, and overall nothing else. to do.

His form is… call it a suspect. It is clear that the world-class Canadian poker pro didn’t spend his childhood playing basketball. But gamblers will be betting and soon prop betting is in the works visit MADUQQ.

McDonald agreed wagering terms requiring it to enter 90 out of 100 shots from the free throw line. He will be allowed to restart indefinitely, so if he misses the first 11 shots, the 12th shot can start a new set of 100.He has until the end of the year to complete tasks and can carry out as many attempts as needed.

He took action from several other high-risk gamblers at varying prices and for various amounts. Nick Schulman, Christian Harder, Jake Abdalla and Will Jaffe were among the poker pros who announced that they were betting against the man known as “Timex” in an online poker tournament.

In less than five months after the bet was booked, McDonald’s settled the bet. McDonald tweeted Wednesday that he completed the challenge and posted video evidence of the action Thursday.