Kotelnikov scored his first elimination at the final table

With that Kotelnikov led by more than 2: 1 chips to play the heads-up with Stuart Guite. Shorter stacks were able to overtake the lead after dropping a straight in the hand where Kotelnikov traveled around the corner. Kotelnikov returned to the lead when his AK stood against AJ of Guite in a preflop bout, doubling to 90 million and leaving Guite with just around 35 million.

The two fought back and forth from there, but Kotelnikov took the lead when the decisive hand was divided. Guite was raised to 1,400,000 with J Diamond Suits 4 Secondary Suits on the button and Kotelnikov called with 6 Spades Suits 3 Club Suits. Falling Flops J Heart Suits5 Club Suits 4 Diamond Suits and Kotelnikov checked.

2.1 million Guite bet and Kotelnikov called. The turn brought 2 Club Suits and Kotelnikov a straight turn. He checked again and Guite made a bet of 5,400,000 on his two pairs that failed. Kotelnikov check-rose to 11.2 million.

Jerry Wong came to the last table in second chip position, but doubled one of the early stacks to fall to the bottom of the tally. The 2016 World Series of Poker eighth place finisher finally got the last of his stack with A Diamond Suit 10 Heart Suit against Q Heart Suit Q Diamond Suit from Stuart Guite. The pocket queen raised and Wong was eliminated in seventh place ($ 69,300).

Kotelnikov scored his first elimination at the final table when he took the eight button and tucked all the chips into Maciej Gasior’s pocket three. Neither player increased and Gasior was sent to virtual rail in fifth place, earning $ 124,500.

Oleg Vasylchenko pushed around 18 big blinds with the K Heart SuitQ Club Suit when folded towards him in the small blinds during the four-handed action. Kotelnikov woke up in A Club Suit Q Spade Suit in the big blind and called. His high ace remained good through the river and Vasylchenko was eliminated in fourth place ($ 190,500).

Guite is called and the river carries the Diamond Suit K. Kotelnikov moved all-in and Guite asked his tournament life to know that his hand was second best. Kotelnikov secured the pot and title, while Guite earned $ 366,604 as a runner-up finisher.

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