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Playing JoinPKV poker online for a living has built up my personal connection – I still can’t believe I’ve been cashing out poker tournaments every year for fifty years. When you make poker your life for more than half a century, you become a very exclusive club. I have to admit, playing poker for a living has something to do with myself; just ask my five wives. But back to poker. I often think of poker players who are poker pros one day and leaving the next. I have seen hundreds, if not none, come and go. I often wonder, “Where are they going?” “Will they come back?” Questions asked in the scientific program “Ancient Aliens.” A perfect example of this phenomenon is a duo named Mark and Steve who played poker, $ 10 / $ 20 limit hold’em in Las Vegas circa 1976-1978. I guess they have a bankroll of $ 200,000 each and model as the rising gods of poker visit poker88. They are very aggressive, young players who have a different approach to the game. Where most players happily win $ 300 in a single match, the match will win $ 2,000 on multiple games. But Copyright comes, it goes. A few years later they were both back playing poker in Las Vegas. I had won $ 1 million over a year or two – life-changing money – and went broke. One player I know did a few times, but he’s been a player for thirty years.