Exciting poker card games and experiences at the WSOP

The tourists are always very friendly. Most have a lot of money and don’t mind if you clean it as long as you smile and express regret for their bad luck which is really just bad play. “The lessons cost money,” we were always sympathetic when we piled their chips in front of us.

I met some good friends who played regularly. Someone will dress up as a tourist to make other local poker sharks think that he or she is not just one of a bunch of players who don’t know what they are doing or are just wasting their time. He even had a fake plane ticket which he tucked into his shirt pocket to make it look like he was from out of town. I suggested he take the suitcase and take it to the poker room to take his action to the next level. BAMBUQQ

I don’t think I’ll pay to park on the Strip now to get a gap in the tourists. I finally found that I was one of those people who played to pass the time and didn’t have what it took to win consistently. I also found some poker jackpots weren’t quite what they felt like because the house cut costs for themselves and didn’t put all the jackpots into the jackpot pool. I was kicked out of the old Tropicana poker room for showing this to other players.

One week I count how many hands I won and multiply by rake. Free drinks and free buffet are not enough to cover my playing costs.

Those days are in the rearview mirror now and my studies do cost money. However, I don’t regret my poker experience at all.