Brian “foxxx” Kirchhoff led the chips at the final table

With WSOP bracelet winner and World Poker Tour main event winner Andrew ‘WATCHGUY42’ Lichtenberger sits on second chip. Tamero had the next biggest stack after beating David “water” Goodman in 10th place ($ 19,995) to set up the final table.

Two-time WSOP Circuit ring winner Kevin ‘SpecialK333’ Calenzo was the first to fall as he ran K Diamond Suits Q Club Suits to A Club Suits9 Diamond Suits Tamero. Calenzo got an all-in on the flop J Diamond Suit 10 Spade Suit 4 Diamond Suit for less than 3.5 big blinds with his direct draw exposed, and Tamero called out with an ace high. Neither player improved on the riverside and Calenzo hit the rails with $ 25,650 as a ninth place finisher.

Michael Bailey’s “merlot” journey on the show ended when he ran Lichtenberger’s A-9 to A-10. Both players failed to become aces, but kickers were played in the end and Bailey was eliminated in eighth place ($ 33,123). Lichtenberger scored a second consecutive knockout minutes later with another preflop domination. Arian ‘4632647’ Stolt gets his last chip holding 10 Heart Suits9 Heart Suits and is summoned by A Spades Suit 9 Spades Suit from Lichtenberger, who makes aces to lock the pot. Stolt took home $ 43,424 as a seventh place finisher.

Norman’s ‘Abnormality’, Michalek, grabbed his first knockout at the final table when his K-8 matched over pocket five of Greg ‘Bubblealot’ Wish’s short stack. He sent Wish home with $ 57,561 and entered the five-handed game with the largest stack on the table. Tamero closed the gap on Michalek by eliminating Edan ‘goatplaya’ Sucov.

It was a flop for both players after the money came in preflop with Sucov holding J Diamond Suit 10 Club Suit against A Diamond Suit 8 Club Suit from Tamero. The first three cards carry A Spades Suit Q Diamond Suit 2 Diamond Suit to give Sucov a flush draw and a straight draw, while Tamero takes the top pair. The turns and rivers brought no help to Sucov, and they were eliminated in fifth place ($ 76,749).