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Poker rooms all over Florida are overcrowded as many rooms in the state started reopening over the past two days.

The Hard Rock Casino in Tampa is the largest of the rooms reopened when it opened overnight at 50 percent capacity with a six-handed table and plexiglass dividers among the players. The 46 table room, which only had 20 in use for the opening night, drew a very large crowd.

There are more than 100 players on the waiting list for games ranging from $ 1- $ 2 no-limit hold’em to $ 2 – $ 5 pot-limit Omaha ARTAPOKER gambling with stones (stones act as a constant ride of players who won the previous pot ).

Located about an hour south of Tampa Hard Rock, the Sarasota Kennel Club also opened a poker room yesterday. It also uses dividers between players but plays eight hands instead of six.

The property announced Friday morning that it would be holding a $ 220 no-limit hold’em tournament on Saturday afternoon. This is one of the first live poker tournaments to be held since casinos closed nationwide in response to the COVID -19 pandemic.

On the other side of the state, the Jacksonville bestbet opens for business Friday morning. According to a tweet from World Poker Tour executive tour director Matt Savage, there were 19 six-handed games running at the start of the day.

Both the Jacksonville and Orange Park locations from bestbet chose to reopen without dividers, but have improved cleaning policies, along with short-term requirements.